The continent of Rassilon did not always appear as it does today. Once, the frozen realm lay far to the north, a distant region known to most folk only in myth. When the Blizzard War began, everything changed. Ancient empires were wiped off the face of the planet and countless souls were killed. Even the mighty Anari, whose empire dominated southern Rassilon, suffered terribly. Those who survived had to contend with decades of disease, famine, and war before civilization reestablished itself. Even then, cities remained isolated from each other, unwilling to lend aid for fear of reducing their own resources or leaving themselves open to assault. Bandits roamed freely in the wilds, and warlords carved out small domains. Then the long winters began.

The lands below the Icebarrier were, until recently, fairly stable. In recent decades, though, the winters have grown harsher, the lands above the Icebarrier are rapidly being lost to the snow and ice, and the Hellfrost fiends are growing stronger and more confident. Refugees are flooding through Hellfrost Pass. The ever-growing burden of refugees is leading to famine and, the shantytowns they construct cause outbreaks of disease in the Hearthlands. Bandits and outlaws plague the roads, neighbors are beginning to close their doors to each other again, hoarding what little they have, and tensions over agricultural land and who should take in refugees are threatening to spill over into bloodshed. To those who remember the dark tales of what life was like after the Blizzard War, it seems history is repeating itself.

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