True Magic

Rassilon is a world of magic. Tendrils of magical energy emanating from the moon touch every creature, granting them the potential to weave, focus, and manipulate magic. Elementalists control the four elements, learning each craft in turn until they have complete mastery. Hrimwisards draw their power from the ice and snow, gaining great power in colder realms and losing it as the temperature rises. Heahwisards rule over a vast realm from their lofty towers, their staves a symbol of their power and the tool by which they work their art. Dwarven mages carve runes of power on stone tablets as their ancestors did countless centuries before. Druids, common among the elves and engros, tug at the threads of natural magic, manipulating plants and animals to their will. Skalds, also called song mages, channel the threads into patterns through their voices.

Rune Magic
Song Magic

Hedge Magic

Hedge magic, or natural magic as it is more politely called, does not involve manipulating the threads of magic and a practitioner does not require an Arcane Background. Unlike true magic, hedge magic is not subject to any form of backlash or the Hellfrost effect (see below). Likewise, devices created using these arts cannot be dispelled or negated.


Magical Backlash

The Siphoning has a strange effect on mages, removing their ability to work magic effectively, though seemingly with random intensity. When subjected to the Siphoning, a mage feels his power being drawn away, leaving him unable to weave the strands of magic. In rare cases, mages have actually felt empowered instead of drained, as if they had somehow tapped into a hidden reservoir of magical energy.

The Hellfrost Effect

As if mages didn’t suffer enough, what with lunar tidal flows and the Siphoning, they must also contend with the Hellfrost’s effect on fire magic. Clerics and paladins, especially those of Kenaz (god of fire) and Sigel (god of the sun), both of whom vanished during the Blizzard War, are plagued by a similar effect. Arcane scholars and clerics have spent long hours debating the cause of this phenomenon, and few can agree on the cause. That the disappearance of two gods could cause the powers of their followers to weaken is understandable, but what force could affect the elemental realm of fire is more mysterious, for what can thwart a building block of creation?

The weakening of fire magic hasn’t gone unnoticed by the masses. Most are confused as to its diminishment, for the mages they ask cannot agree on a cause. Most simply blame hrimwisards, seeing them as the antithesis of fire mages. Any spellcaster, arcane or miracle worker, invoking a spell using a heat or fire trapping suffers penalties as shown below, based on the current temperature.



Hellfrost Spiral_Scratch