Bludgeoners – Elite engro police force

The Convocation – Governing body of elementalists

The Gray Legion – Noble mercenary company who fights to the last man

Hearth Knights – Order of knights who protect and the southern lands from the Hellfrost

Iron Guild – Reputable mercenary company serving merchants

Knights Hrafn – Order of knights who provide military leadership for a price

Lorekeepers – Society of scholars focused on discovering and preserving knowledge

Reliquary – Organization that seeks to obtain and study ancient magical artifacts

Roadwardens – Group of bands who protect travelers in the Hearthlands

Sisterhood of Mercy – Secular, charitable order of healers

Thieves’ Guild – Loose groups regulating nefarious activities in major towns

The Thirteen Warriors – Brotherhood dedicated to killing monsters

Wood Wardens – Protectors of the Hearthland forests



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