The Civilized Races

Rassilon has several sentient races. Humans are the most common. They live across the Hearthlands and outer Hellfrost in cities, towns, villages, and isolated farmsteads. Of the many human cultures which once dwelt in Rassilon, now there are just four—the city-dwelling Anari, the rural Saxa, the nomadic Finnar, and the scattered Toumi. In the frozen north and on the highest peaks, Frost Dwarves carve their fortress cities into rock and glaciers, seeking precious metals and black ice with which to craft weapons and armor. Living among the great evergreen forests are the Taiga Elves, a species of Elves at home in the cold. To the south are the Hearth Elves, cousins to the Taiga Elves. Engros (singular Engro) are a diminutive race of nomads, traveling across the Hearthlands and outer Hellfrost in brightly-colored caravans. They have a poor reputation, being regarded as thieves and beggars by the other races. They are renowned for their indomitable spirit. Finally there are the Frostborn, a recent race who are more at home in the ice and snow than the warmer climes. The Frostborn have evolved from the other races, but they appear to be a new race unto themselves.

Human Races

Humans are the most populace race in the Hearthlands. Having once roamed over much of the continent, they now find themselves being pushed back toward the southern reaches, and their numbers been whittled away by starvation, disease, and constant attacks from the Hellfrost inhabitants. There are four distinct branches of humans inhabiting the Hearthlands. In all cases, the plural form is the same as the singular (one Saxa, ten Saxa, for instance). Each of the four cultures is a general overview, for within each one exist numerous sub-cultures. The Saxa, for instance, were once a dozen or more peoples with a similar culture, but each with their own name and unique identity. The Anari invasion of their homeland, combined with intermarriage between the shattered peoples, wiped out many of these differences. They are remembered now only in song.


Other Races

Frost Dwarf
Hearth Elf
Taiga Elf

Dark Foes

Of course, the civilized races, as they are frequently called, do not dwell in isolation. Giants roam the tundra, mountains, forests, and hills. Foul orcs and goblins gather their strength in secluded lands, waiting for the right time to surge forth. Intelligent undead dwell in unhallowed crypts and within the perpetually fog-shrouded land known as the Withered Lands, plotting the destruction of all life. Dragons circle high in the sky, arrogantly defying the lesser races to challenge them. Demons watch from ancient hiding places, corrupting those who would seek to enslave them. The list of horrors seems near endless.

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